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Our mission is to help you fly better

Routehappy knows that all flights are not created equal, so we're combing hundreds of data sources to build Flightpad, our proprietary Flight Product Attribute Database that powers our new breed of flight search. We want to help you easily find and buy the happiest flights for the lowest price, every time you fly. Check it out.

Happiness Scores

Our one-of-a-kind Happiness Scores reveal shorter flights with better planes, seats, amenities and flyer ratings. We've built a big system that fairly grades a myriad of Happiness Factors that matter to flyers, including 25 seat types, 20 entertainment options, 55 seat configurations, Wi-Fi, and more. We're continuously updating data on our Focus Airlines about whom we've gone deep in research.


Flyer Ratings

Routehappy is the place to share and discover tips & tricks for your trip. Real flyers share ratings, tips, details and photos about their flight and airport experiences — and we crunch our data to create Flight-specific Flyer Ratings. Find hidden security lines, tips about connecting in an airport, what the seats will be like, and more. Don't forget to get our free Routehappy Reviewer iPhone app to share and discover tips while you fly!


We're a team of passionate online travel veterans who know the industry inside and out — and are ready to spread a whole lot of happiness to flyers. Before boarding Routehappy, we played key roles in the early days of Site59, Priceline, Jetsetter, Orbitz, Hotwire, Kayak, TripIt, IgoUgo‚Äôs RateFinder, Gilt & more.

  • Bob
    Geek fact:
    Bob reads airline timetables for fun and has flown to all 15 of the former Soviet Republics on Aeroflot.
    Robert Albert
    Founder & CEO
  • Adam
    Geek fact:
    Adam has an encyclopedic knowledge of airport codes and once checked in David Sedaris on an Air France flight.
    Adam Gwosdof
    Chief Data Architect
  • Austin
    Geek fact:
    Austin codes as a hobby and has written over 15,000 lines of code in the last year.
    Austin Schneider
    Lead Developer
  • Christina
    Geek fact:
    Christina's travel plans over the last 15 years include on average two new countries per year.
    Christina Zeigler
    Finance Director
  • Jaivin
    Geek fact:
    Jaivin has designed over a dozen applications for the US Air Force.
    Jaivin Anzalota
    VP, Product & Design
  • Jason
    Geek fact:
    Jason once experienced the jet blast of a 747...just for fun.
    Jason Rabinowitz
    Data Research Manager
  • John
    Geek fact:
    John can identify business and first class seats on sight. Best. Party trick. Ever.
    John Walton
    Data Director
  • Linda
    Geek fact:
    Linda worked at AA before CRT's existed, but her real claim to fame is launching Priceline, Site59 and now Routehappy!
    Linda Gifkins
    Data Operations Manager
  • Al
    Geek fact:
    Al traveled to all 7 continents in 2010.
    Al Lenza
    Airline Distribution Exec.
  • Brett
    Geek fact:
    To answer one of the most important questions every traveler faces... I'm a window guy. Give me in-seat video and a big window and I'm good.
    Brett Snyder
    The Cranky Flier
  • David
    Geek fact:
    David took a tour of the first 747 before its maiden commercial flight from JFK to London.
    David Sandberg
    Fmr General Counsel, ITA Software
  • Ellen
    Geek fact:
    Ellen dreams of sleeping in Singapore Airline's stand alone beds on the A380, and is even more excited about the upgrade that will get her there.
    Ellen Keszler
    Business Travel Executive
  • Porter
    Geek fact:
    Porter has climbed Kilimanjaro, lounged in the baths in Budapest, went scuba diving in Fiji, paddle boarded at Eustatia Island, and biked across the US.
    Porter Gale
    Fmr VP Mktg, Virgin America
  • Scotth
    Geek fact:
    Scott grew up wanting to be a commercial airline pilot and was part of Delta and Eastern airlines,"young pilot" clubs from the age of 9
    Scott Hintz
    Co-Founder TripIt
  • Seth
    Geek fact:
    Seth was a collegiate pole vaulter before becoming an OTA nerd.
    Seth Brody
    Apax Partners

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