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We’re an experienced team of aviation, data, and web app geeks from the online travel industry and other walks of life who decided flight search was too focused on price and schedule, despite the breadth of product differences available today. So we created the first of its kind merchandising content platform for flight shopping.

We think flyers need better information when they shop, and that airlines and distributors deserve a platform to differentiate and better monetize their offerings. Our Scores & Amenities and Routehappy Hub products are solving the current flight shopping problem, providing data, content and tools all focused on differentiation.

We were born in Bangkok, and are based in New York, designed in Boston, and built all over the world from Augusta, Georgia to Sydney, Australia to make flight shopping better for everyone. Happy flying!


  • Bob
    Bob reads airline timetables for fun and has flown to all 15 of the former Soviet Republics on Aeroflot.
    Robert Albert
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jaivin
    Jaivin has designed over a dozen applications for the US Air Force.
    Jaivin Anzalota
    Chief Product Officer
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan's wife is a pilot…how cool is that?
    Jonathan Savitch
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • David
    David took a tour of the first 747 before its maiden commercial flight from JFK to London.
    David Sandberg
    General Counsel & Senior Advisor
  • Megan b
    Megan’s first job was at a travel agency in Paris.
    Megan Beardsley
    VP, Client Integration
  • Dennis
    Dennis used to mix his own Manhattans and smuggle them onto flights.
    Dennis Serfilippi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Alex
    Alex crossed the Atlantic in a 747 eight times before he was one.
    Alex Snape
    Content Strategist
  • Ananya
    Ananya spent way too many of her childhood years playing Airline Tycoon.
    Ananya Dam
    Client Development Lead
  • Aui
    Aui's most prized gadget is a second generation kindle with Jeff Bezo's signature on the back.
    Aui Mendoza
    Manager, Data Engineering
  • Austin
    Austin codes as a hobby and has written over 15,000 lines of code in the last year.
    Austin Schneider
    Director, Engineering
  • Dari
    The first time Darí flew as an unaccompanied minor was at the age of seven.
    Darí Brooks Ahye
    Content Strategist
  • Galen
    Galen's first flight was taken at age 2 from Boston to Moscow.
    Galen Wilk
    Front-end Developer
  • Jason
    Jason once experienced the jet blast of a 747...just for fun.
    Jason Rabinowitz
    Director, Airline Research
  • Kevin prior
    Kevin is an award-winning aviation photographer whose subjects range from planes and terminals to outdoor static displays
    Kevin Prior
  • Megan
    Megan always wanted to be a flight attendant growing up, while that didn’t work out she still has the travel bug, having visited 32 countries and counting.
    Megan Humphries
    Director, Marketing Communications
  • Sam
    Sam still has a joystick from playing Microsoft Flight Simulator as a kid.
    Samuel Rosecan
    Airline researcher
  • Seth
    Seth plans vacations based on what airline products he hasn’t tried yet.
    Seth Anagnostis
    Director, Business Development

Board of directors

  • Bob
    Bob reads airline timetables for fun and has flown to all 15 of the former Soviet Republics on Aeroflot.
    Robert Albert
    CEO, Routehappy
  • Paul
    Plans vacations based on where he wants to eat.
    Paul Reeder
    PAR Capital Management, PAR Capital Ventures
  • Ellen
    Ellen dreams of sleeping in Singapore Airline's stand alone beds on the A380, and is even more excited about the upgrade that will get her there.
    Ellen Keszler
    Business Travel Executive
  • Brad
    Learned the hard way that you really do have to turn off your phone after SWA stewardess turned me over to Utah State Police.
    Brad Svrluga
    General Partner, Primary VC
  • Geoff judge
    Geoff showed AmEx offices the path to business travel profitability on early IBM PCs!
    Geoff P. Judge
    Partner, iNovia Capital [board observer]

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