What do you want to know?

About Routehappy

What's Routehappy?

Routehappy is on a mission to help you fly better. We know that all flights are not created equal, so our team of flight experts is combining data from hundreds of sources to build Flightpad, our proprietary Flight Product Attribute Database that powers our new breed of flight search. We want to help you easily find flights with the highest Happiness Scores and Happiness Factors that matter to you for the lowest price, every time you fly.

How are you different from other travel sites?

Your experience in addition to your wallet are at the cornerstone of everything we do. We've compiled hard-to-find information about individual flights to determine which ones are the best on a given route. The only place to find Happiness Scores for flights is on Routehappy.

Where do you get your data?

We get our data from a wide variety of sources: airlines, blogs, forums, news & press releases, analysts, vendors, experts, commercial sources, real flyers and our community. Our goal is to compile the most comprehensive and accurate database of air travel product information assembled so you can make the most informed decisions possible when you buy flights. We take data quality seriously, and since air travel product data is such a massive and ever-changing endeavor, we count on users to help make sure we've got it right. If you ever notice anything that doesn't look right, please get in touch with us right away at

What are Happiness Scores?

Happiness Scores are an algorithm-based score of key factors of the flight experience: duration, aircraft, seat, amenities and flyer ratings of the airline and airports. Aircraft, seat and amenities are scored according to a fair assessment applied to all airlines and flight equally that was created by Routehappy based on exhaustive research of each factor and verified with industry experts. Since duration is part of the Happiness Score, so non-stops tend to have higher scores than 1 or 2 stops flights when both kinds of flights are available. We know there is no absolute consensus on Happiness when scoring as we all care about different things, so we encourage you to use our scores as a guide and then dive into the details. Let us know where you think it works great - and if you have any suggestions for tuning the system.

What are Happiness Factors?

You can filter results by Nicer Planes, Roomier Seats, Best Entertainment, In-Seat Power, Wi-Fi and Higher Flyer Ratings. Within each category, these are the Happiness Factors that Routehappy has scored highest within a category - they include products like popular planes (e.g. E190), economy seats with pitch of >32" or more, full flat pods in biz class, regular power ports in every seat, etc. You'll find more Happiness Factors and our unique Timeline on the More flight details panel. Just click on the More button in any flight listing.

Searching & Booking

Do you directly sell the flights on your site?

Not directly, but we help facilitate your transaction. Search for your flight on Routehappy, select the flights you want to buy, and then click through to our Booking Partner to buy your flight.

Do your rates include taxes and fees?

Yes, our rates include all taxes and mandatory ticket fees, but they don't include any add-ons like baggage or seating fees, which some airlines charge for separately (but in the US, check our More flight details panel for information on flights with free bags or bags for a fee. Also, pricing for flights is constantly changing (we didn't invent this!) so you may experience some price fluctuation between our site and our Booking Partners. We don't like that as much as you don't!

Can I enter my frequent flier number when booking a flight?

You can enter your frequent flier program number on our Booking Partner website.

How do I change or cancel a booked flight?

Since you're buying your ticket on our Booking Partner Website, you need to contact them to make changes to your purchase.

How do I print my itinerary and ticket?

Follow the instructions carefully on our Booking Partner Website for information on your final itinerary, boarding pass, etc.

Profiles & Member Content

Who are Routehappy's reviewers?

Our reviewers are flyers like you who are passionate about sharing to make the flying experience better. When you become a member, you can submit reviews from our website or iPhone app, "Like" tips and reviews, follow other members, see all your information in your spiffy Profile page, and become an Expert.

How do I become an Expert?

Share useful tips and reviews! We tally the contributions of our members based on breadth, depth, quality and recency of reviews, and assign the very top echelon the distinction of Expert status. Not only is this a reward for a job well done for our community, it helps single Experts out as the members to listen to when researching.

What does Following mean?

We wanted to make it easy for flyers to find other flyers who you think have something valuable to say, so just click on the + next to a member name and follow them. You'll see a full list of who you're following and who is following you on your Profile page when you want to check back in on their latest reviews.

What are your review guidelines?

Users must verify they've actually flown the flights they review and have no ulterior motives on submitting a review. Users must also be respectful of fellow users and not use obscenities or offensive language. To ensure authenticity, we also editorially review and monitor reviews to ensure accuracy, members of the community flag reviews, we make it easy to find the most active reviewers with the Expert designation and reviews submitted via TripIt integration are verified by a real itinerary. We have the right to remove any reviews or delete any user accounts that do not meet these standards. See our full Content Guidelines.

How many photos can I include in my reviews?

The more the merrier, we say. Each review can include up to 25 photos.

How do I edit a review I've contributed?

Sign into your account, visit your Profile page, find the review that needs editing and click "Edit this review." If you want to delete a review, drop us a note at


Do you share or sell my email address?

No way! We only use your email address to verify your login and to send you the Routehappy Flight Genius email, if you're set up to receive it.

How do I stop receiving emails?

You can adjust your email preference anytime by visiting "Edit My Profile" from your Profile page (on the top right of the screen.)

Routehappy Reviewer iPhone App

What can I do with the iPhone app?

Our first "flight" in mobile is the Routehappy Reviewer App, a companion app to our website. It's for reviewing flights, sharing tips, make us laugh and post photos while you fly. You can also check out tips and reviews by airline, airport or both.

Do I need to be online to review?

Review from 35,000 feet even when you don't have Wi-Fi! You can access all the review features while offline, and then submit your review when you're connected.

Do my mobile reviews post on

Yes, all mobile reviews post to and our the Routehappy Reviewer App — and will also appear in your profile.

Linking with TripIt

How does TripIt integration work?

TripIt is an app that helps you manage your travel itineraries. We've partnered with TripIt to make reviewing your flights easier. Here's how it works:


    You can link your Routehappy and TripIt accounts by clicking on "Link TripIt Account" on your Profile page and following the prompts.


    We then import your last six months of flights from your TripIt account (up to 20 flights) to the right hand column on your Profile page. Each flight is a shortcut for you to review past flights — clicking on the link will initiate a review with as many details as we know pre-populated to save you time.

    The automated six month import is a one-time event upon account linking. We then add newly arrived flights we find in your TripIt account to your Profile page once a day.

    You currently have to manually remove flight links from your Profile page after you review. We plan to remove them automatically as soon as we can. We hope you'll forgive us (we're a startup)!


    From the time you link your account, we look at your TripIt account once a day and send you a simple Review Reminder Email to review any flights we find in your TripIt account that were to have arrived in the previous 24 hours. Clicking on the link in the email initiates a review on Routehappy, pre-populating as many details as we know to save you time. We currently send reminders by non-stop segment, but plan to develop 1 stop reminders soon. You can easily use one of the reminders as a prompt to review a 1 stop flight by modifying your trip information when you begin to review your flight.

    If your itinerary changes and you don't update it with TripIt, we only have access to the old one, so we may send you something outdated. TripIt integration is still an experiment. We'd love to know what you think about it — and what would make it better and useful for you.

    We can manually turn off or reinstate the TripIt Review Reminder Emails anytime. Just email our Community Manager Jillian at moc.yppahetuor@sullet‎ with your request.


    You can un-link your Routehappy and TripIt accounts anytime by visiting TripIt's Applications page. When you un-link accounts, we'll immediately stop sending you Review Reminder Emails but your previously imported flights will remain on your Profile page until you manually remove them (until we can streamline this for you).